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Wildcat Baseball League

The Wildcat League has been a leader in the youth sports community since 1961. With a long-standing tradition of helping kids learn, grow and play baseball together, the Wildcat League is the perfect choice for developing team dynamics, sportsmanship, and healthy competition.


Mr. Mac

Mr. Mac founded Wildcat Baseball in 1961 to make sure no young person in Fort Wayne, IN ever missed the chance to participate in the great American past time of baseball. 

The League

The League has been going strong since 1961 -- missing only 2020 -- teaching tens of thousands of young men and women sportsmanship and inviting them to have fun!

The Legacy

Entering our 62 year in 2023 Wildcat continues to be a favorite fun, free, and formational summer activity for young people and hopefully the legacy will continue for years to come.


     When someone mentions Wildcat Baseball and its lasting effect on Fort Wayne’s youth, one must think of the McMillen family and its patriarch, Mr. Dale McMillen Sr. who was affectionately referred to as "Mr. Mac."

         Mr. Mac was the eldest of six children and began his American success story by helping his father in a thriving grain elevator business. Through hard work during the Depression and World War I, the family business followed the simple virtues of integrity, perseverance and pride in their work. 

         When most businessmen begin contemplating retirement, Mr. Mac, at age 54, founded the Central Soya Company in Decatur, Indiana.  The business included the McMillen Feed Mill and the Central Sugar Company.  Since then Central Soya, through research and technology, has expanded globally by introducing innovations in soybean meal, margarines, gasoline additives, and chocolate coating to name a few.

         The Wildcat League is an outgrowth of the zeal and effort of Mr. Mac to better a community and its children.  Mr. Mac once said “We must pay some rent for the blessings and opportunities we enjoy while we’re on this earth.” He enjoyed seeing people’s lives made better by his generosity.  The McMillen Foundation donated and helped construct what is known as McMillen Park today. Endowments at Indiana Tech and the establishment of the McMillen Health Center are among the many agencies that have benefited from our humanitarian founder.

         In light of all that Mr. Mac has done for our community, he proudly referred to the Wildcat Baseball League as “the greatest thing I ever did.” To him it is a living monument embodied in each player who benefits from the program.  His motto reflects the spirit he wanted to pass on to our youth: “This day I will beat my own record.” No better words express the life and philosophy of Wildcat Baseball League’s founder, Mr. Dale McMillen, Sr.

         Mr. Dale McMillen died at the age of 91.  Fort Wayne has benefited greatly from the stature and devotion of the McMillen family and its descendants.  They have served the community and given a spirit that should be emulated.

         Mr. Dale McMillen, while watching little league tryouts, noticed the disappointment on the faces of the nine and ten year old boys that failed to make the team.  This was too much for "Mr. Mac," as he was called, to take. After discussions with other leaders, Mr. Mac organized a league for all boys who wanted to play organized baseball regardless of their skills, ability, race, creed, or religion.  Our league motto of “Everybody Makes the Team,” is a vital part of the philosophy of Mr. Mac and the Wildcat League.

         Originally 10 baseball sites were established. Area high school coaches were chosen as directors with college and high school students acting as assistants and junior assistants.  The philosophy of the league was, and still is, to put as little pressure as possible on the participants.  The emphasis is still on playing the game for “fun” and focusing on fundamentals to increase the skill level of the players.

         Three league divisions were created divided by ages with 8 ½-10 year olds in the Kitty Division, 11-12 year olds in Kat Division, and 13-14 year olds in the Tiger Division. Regular baseball rules applied in each division with expectations made for safety concerns.  Extra activities were provided to enrich the program.  College coaches gave instruction at clinics, a special baseball excursion was taken to Chicago to watch a major league game, and Progress Day (the future Mr. Mac day) was held with baseball greats like Jackie Robinson, Carl Erskine, Bob Feller, and Ted Williams in attendance. In later years, Jack and Jill Amusement Park Day gave the Wildcatters a fun day.

         The year 2022 marks the 61st season for the Wildcat League, which has now includes 10 sites around the city of Fort Wayne.  There are four league divisions beginning with Kitten--6-7 year olds, Kitty--8-10 year olds, Kat--11-12 year olds and Tiger--13-15 ½ year olds.  Baseball rules still apply, with each site adjusting to their players.  Baseball clinics are taught by college or high school varsity coaches.

         What hasn’t changed is the dedication of the staff and officers to the players and ideals of Mr. Dale McMillen.  No matter how our world changes Mr. Mac’s vision of “Everybody makes the team” is still true in the Wildcat League.    

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